slippery and dirty decking covered with green algae

Decking Restoration

Is your decking showing it's age? Does it become slippery and dangerous when wet? Are parts of it rotting away?

Annual maintenance involving a clean down and then re-sealing with decking oil is easy to talk about, but for most people, actually keeping up with such a routine is a different matter.

Before long, your once beautiful deck is starting to look shabby and you worry that it may fall into disrepair.

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We provide a complete deck cleaning and restoration service, suitable for all softwood and hardwood platforms, not to mention composite decking too.

Safe, low pressure washing - Grime and algae removal - Cleaning of railings and balustrades - Deep clean treatment to remove organic stains - Protective treatment with high quality decking oil - Minor repairs to rotten boards etc

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Decking Oil

Usually we get asked to clean and re-oil decking as a matter of routine annual maintenance.

But it's also quite common for us to be hired to treat recently constructed decking platforms for the first time.

In this featured video is a new build multi-level deck that we conditioned with two coats of decking oil.

What's involved with decking restoration?

We start with a power wash, operating at low pressure. This is important because it is all too easy to damage the wood if too much force is used.

Pressure washing will clean away any build up of surface algae,dirt and grime, preparing the wood for additional treatment or finishing as necessary.

If the surface has been heavily stained by algae, it may be necessary to apply a chemical treatment to fade this way. For badly stained areas a power scrub may be also necessary prior to re-oiling.

Decking can be subject to rust stains from screws and other fastenings. It is also prone to whitening due to the UV effects of sunlight. In such cases we can provide remedy with anti-oxide treatments to remove staining and wood brighteners to restore colour.

In cases where the surface has been treated with a paint-on decking stain, we'll often find this to be flaking off and usually looking rather the worse for wear.

In such cases, all the decking stain must be removed with paint stripper and the wood returned to it's natural state, before we can begin to treat with decking oil.

We only use high quality decking oil and strongly recommend applying two coats. The second coat requires less oil and goes on quickly, so unless the budget is very tight, it's false economy not to bother.

Decking oil will help to prevent the timber from absorbing water and in most cases will also provides some UV protection as well. Decking oils are available in a various colours and with clear finishes through to darker ones.

A recently oiled deck with have a kind of satin wet look and even a clear finish will add quite a bit more depth to the colour of the wood.

Protection doesn't last forever though, and most people find that an annual programme of regular maintenance is needed to safeguard their decking investment.

How much does decking cleaning cost?

Quoting a price for decking restoration involves more than just pressure washing and is rather more complicated than other outdoor surfaces.

Factors include the deck's general condition, the need to remove old coatings, and staining from algae, tannins, or rust. Construction mistakes can also cause water pooling and wet patches, and sometimes the boards may be rotten and need replacement.

Proper restoration requires waterproofing, which involves sanding and oiling with premium finishes available in various colours.

Therefore, we provide tailored quotes for each project.

Pricing Structure
  • Flat areas, steps and panels: Priced per square metre
  • Posts and rails: Priced per linear metre
  • Spindles: Priced per linear metre. Please note that extra charges will apply for ornate turned spindles.
Decking Restoration Services

We offer a comprehensive range of decking restoration services designed to meet your specific needs. Each treatment builds on the previous one to arrive at a complete solution.

Light Pressure Wash and Algaecide Treatment
  • Cleans the deck, removes surface algae, reduces slippyiness, and treats green stains in the wood.
  • From £5 per metre. Please note our minium charge of £145.
Deep Cleaning
  • Includes all services from the Light Pressure Wash and Algaecide Treatment above.
  • Adds chemical treatment of deep-seated algae which brightens the wood dramatically, and reduces other stains.
  • From £10 per metre
Sanding and Oiling
  • Includes all services from Deep Cleaning above.
  • For complete finishing of the structure. Sanding is crucial as it opens the grain and provides the best foundation for oiling. 
  • From £20 per metre
Stripping of Old Finishes
  • Necessary when sanding alone isn't sufficient. This is sometimes required if a deck has been heavily coated with decking stain or other finishes.
  • From £10 per metre
  • Minor repairs, such as the replacement of rotten sections, are estimated based on a time and materials basis.

The prices above are intended as a guide, however we will always quote a firm price or provide an honest estimate of costs before any work begins.

The best time for decking work is during the spring and summer, which is a very busy time for us. Best to book early.

Local exterior cleaning service for Ilkley, Otley, Harrogate, Wetherby, Leeds, Guiseley, Yeadon, Horsforth, Bradford, Shipley, Bingley, Keighley, Skipton, and much of Yorkshire and Lancashire.

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