Service Information & Guarantee

Including what can, and what can not be done, and of what is needed of the property owner or occupier.

This information is supplementary to our Terms And Conditions For Domestic Customers and those for Commercial Clients.


We need access to an outdoor tap. We do not like running hoses through a property, but we can use a kitchen tap providing we are able to secure a connection. We accept NO responsibility for water damage when an indoor tap is used or when access to an outdoor tap requires the hose to run through the property.

For safety reasons we can not run the main high pressure hose through the building. To clean anything to the rear of the property we need access via a side gate or path. We can go through a garage as long as it is clear obstacles.

Children and pets should stay indoors until work is completed.

It is the responsibility of the occupier to ensure all doors and windows, as well as electrical fittings are watertight. Water may enter beneath garage doors, so please move anything of value. It can also be a good idea to place towels on the floor near front and back doors, especially so if they are not of a modern construction.

We need good drainage to avoid water pooling, so drains or gullies should be clear of leaves and silt. If you cannot do this yourself, we are happy to assist, but a charge may be payable if we need to spend time vacuuming, or if it is necessary to reschedule our visit for any reason.

Following the cleaning of block paving, we aim to complete the re-sanding on a suitable dry day when we are also scheduled to be in your area. We schedule our work to be as efficient and fair as possible, taking into account existing commitments to other customers and also the weather conditions. Please note that following periods of unsettled weather, we aim to prioritise those customers who have been waiting the longest.

High pressure cleaning WILL NOT remove some lichens and certain organic stains. However we can usually remove these with deep cleaning treatments. Deep cleaning is not included in our pressure washing price unless explicitly stated in our written quotation or in subsequent correspondence.

Some stains, including oil and rust may not be completely removable, even with specialist treatments. We will always try our best, but we make no certain promises about this. With block paving it may be possible to replace, turn over or relocate the affected blocks. Extra costs will apply.

Some chemical treatments can severely damage clothing and fabrics, including carpets. It is most important that our instructions, verbal or otherwise, including notices and hazard markers are observed at all times. We are NOT responsible for any chemical damage caused by the occupants or visitors, including children and pets.

Payment. Full payment is due immediately upon completion of the work, minus any pre-payment. We welcome payment via bank transfer and also accept most debit and credit cards.  Sometimes we may require a pre-payment, towards the purchase (or hire) of equipment, materials or labour.

When returning to re-sand block paving, or to apply certain post-cleaning treatments, it may not be necessary for anyone to be at home. When so, we ask that payment is made after the main cleaning work is complete. We ask for the same during the winter months when damp weather may hinder our efforts to complete re-sanding in a timely manner.

Guarantee. If you are not highly satisfied with our work, we'll clean it again at no extra cost*.


cartoon monkey illustrationWhat about weeds, moss and biofilm?
* Please note that is not possible to provide any firm guarantees about weeds, moss or biofilm.

Even when surfaces have been treated with weed killer, moss killer, biocides, oxidisers, sealant, steam, fire or even nuked off the planet, organic growth can return and sooner or later probably will. Certain weeds can even penetrate through sealed surfaces, especially so where dormant seeds are present or if a pre-existing or nearby root system exists.

Even if we suggest (verbally or in writing) that a particular procedure or treatment will it make it more difficult for weeds, moss or biofilm to become established, this does not mean that mother nature will cooperate and not try to make a monkey out of us, and you. 

If weeds, moss or biofilm continues to be a problem please talk to us. Often we'll be able to offer some free advice or even free service, but sometimes we may need to charge a fee.

The best way to control weeds and ensure that everything looks fantastic all the time, is to sign up for one of our very affordable maintenance plans.

The information above is supplementary to our Service Terms And Conditions For Domestic Customers and those for Commercial Clients.